Development 15

OTRS API Documentation Improved

Martin Gruner, 01.12.2016 | 0 | Development

Did you know that there is extensive documentation available on OTRS, including Perl and JavaScript API docs? The Perl API documentation has seen some improvements recently, including ...

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OTRS migration to github is complete

Martin Gruner, 18.07.2013 | 3 | Development

Since we moved to github in February, the community response so far has been very good. Today I merged pull request #77! Several nice community contributed features found their way into OTRS...

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Translating the OTRS Admin Manual

Martin Gruner, 09.04.2013 | 0 | Development

UPDATE: Please note that since OTRS 4, translations are managed exclusively via transifex. As you may know, the admin manual of OTRS can be translated. We currently have the English sour...

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OTRS now on github

Martin Gruner, 26.02.2013 | 2 | Development

Last week, the OTRS source code, documentation and some utility modules have been migrated to git. We have updated the usage instructions on the website and in the documentation. If you s...

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