OTRS 6 Improvement: New Admin Interface

Robert Ullrich16. Nov 2017 | DevelopmentMiscellaneous

In OTRS 6 we’ve also redesigned the “Admin Interface”. Now it’s presented with a fresh new design with some nice additional features.

OTRS 6 New Admin Frontend

If you move your mouse on a specific setting, you have the possibility to set this setting as a favorite.

OTRS 6 New Admin Frontend Set Favorite

Afterwards, this setting appears in the left column in the “Admin Interface”.

OTRS 6 New Admin Favorites

Additionally, the favored setting is also shown if you click on “Admin” in the menu bar.

OTRS 6 New Admin Frontend Favorite Shortcut

Furthermore, did you know? Contributing to OTRS has never been that easy. Just head over to otrs.github.io to find all you need to get started. We’re looking forward to your great ideas!

Iurii at 23.11.2017, 13:03

It is great news) Now it is more flexible and user-friendly. But as for me old Admin Interface was more usefull) I can't find how it is possible to change CommunicationChannel for Web requests (created via customer portal). Before update from 5 version it was working properly - ticket created "via OTRS". After update all new tickets are created via Phone" :(

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