OTRS Tech Topics Are Moving

otrs_marketing04. May 2020 | Miscellaneous

“May makes all new” is a common saying. Now it’s May, and we will switch our tech topics to a new location — the OTRSmag.

Here, we have published a lot of tips and expert knowledge concerning OTRS 7, but a few weeks ago, we released OTRS 8. That’s why we have decided that, from now on, we will publish all articles in OTRSmag in the category “Using OTRS” as well as in the knowledge base in our OTRS portal for all customers.

We will keep this blog as an archive so that you can search for topics that have been published during the years. You can continue to comment under the existing articles; our experts will read and answer them. But there won’t be any new articles here anymore.

Please bookmark the OTRSmag to gain ongoing information about OTRS, its uses and upcoming releases.


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