New OTRS Business Solution™ 6 Feature: New SMS communication channel

Robert Ullrich21. Nov 2017 | DevelopmentMiscellaneous

Another nice new feature of the OTRS Business Solution6  is the new SMS communication channel.

You have the possibility to create an “SMS ticket”, which will send your ticket article as a text message.  This functionality works for one or more recipients. Here is an example of how a new SMS ticket looks like and how you can send it:

sms ticket create

Afterwards, you can see this article (incl. the transmission status and transmission id) in the AgentTicketZoom.

sms ticket zoom

Besides the normal ticket communication channels (note, phone call inbound/outbound, email outbound) you also have the possibility to directly send a text message to your customer user(s).

sms ticket outbound

Within the next time, Jens will show you a nice use case for this feature. Stay tuned!


Keep in mind, that you need a valid OTRS Business Solution™ contract and one of the available “SMS Packages”. If you need more information, just go to and receive your offer today.

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