No more JavaScript in .tt files

Marc Bonsels21.03.2017 | 0 | Development

If you are (for any reason) watching the OTRS repository on GitHub, you may have noticed a lot of commits last year on master, which were commented with something like "JavaScript refactoring". In case you were wondering what that was…

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OTRS API Documentation Improved

Martin Gruner01.12.2016 | 0 | Development

Did you know that there is extensive documentation available on OTRS, including Perl and JavaScript API docs? The Perl API documentation has seen some improvements recently, including Improved table of contents Syntax highlighting for Perl code snippets Function source code…

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How to connect OTRS with JIRA

Robert Ullrich14.11.2016 | 2 | Use cases

With the new OTRS Business Solution™ 5s you have the possibility to create and update issues in JIRA using the JIRAConnector. The following article will explain how to configure this JIRAConnector. Requirements for the JIRAConnector You are able to connect…

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