Use the Right Language in Notifications

Robert Ullrich13. Jun 2018 | AdministrationCase studyConsultingUse cases

In may 2018 I showed you how to detect the language of an email which was sent to OTRS. Now I want to use this information to send an auto-response after ticket creation to the customer user in his language. Conveniently this is possible with built-in OTRS. We only need some new ticket notifications.

So let’s create them!

Go to Admin -> Ticket Notifications and a add a new notification with the following configuration:

general notification configuration

We have to listen to the event “TicketDynamicFieldUpdate_Language,” because we want to inform the customer in his language.

ticket filter for notificationsThis notification should only be sent if the language is German.

recipients for notificationsWe only want to inform the customer user.

notification textLast but not least, the notification text.

Finally, we can do some tests. Write an email in German to your OTRS. You should receive the German notification.

testing notifications

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