OTRS 6 Feature: Dynamic Fields for Customer User

Robert Ullrich25. Oct 2017 | DevelopmentMiscellaneous

In OTRS 6 you have the possibility to add Dynamic Fields for customer users and customers. This makes it possible to add additional data fields to customer users and customers (companies) without making changes to the regarding backend.

You’ll find two new boxes in the “Dynamic Fields Management”. Here you can add Dynamic Fields for customers / customer users.

OTRS 6 DynamicFields Customer

OTRS 6 DynamicFields CustomerFinally, you can add some values to the new Dynamic Field.

OTRS 6 DynamicField Configuration

Afterwards, you have to add the Dynamic Field(s) to the specific backend.

OTRS 6 CustomerUser BackendConfig

Finally, the newly created Dynamic Field is available in the customer user configuration screen.

OTRS 6 CustomerUser Config

Furthermore, did you know? Contributing to OTRS has never been that easy. Just head over to otrs.github.io to find all you need to get started. We’re looking forward to your great ideas!

Anthon at 02.11.2017, 13:11

Thanks, managed to add the computer but it won't sync the value from AD. have a serialnumber in AD under the attribute serialNumber. [ 'DynamicField_Computer', 'Computer', 'serialNumber', 1, 0, 'var', '', 0 ],

Robert Ullrich at 02.11.2017, 08:41

Hi Anthon, yes, the field is added to the customer / customer user mapping in Config.pm. :-) Best Regards, Robert Ullrich

Anthon at 01.11.2017, 13:06

Can you add more details how to add the field to your backend? is this added under the Map section in Config.pm ?

Robert Ullrich at 25.10.2017, 10:22

Hi Jason, thank you for your comment. You can use Hide/Show Dynamic Fields (https://www.otrs.com/otrs-business-solution-feature/hideshow-dynamic-fields/) or Ticket Forms (https://www.otrs.com/otrs-business-solution-feature/hideshow-dynamic-fields/) for this requirement. :-) In order to use this features, you need an OTRS Business Solution™ contract. Please contact our sales department to receive an offer. Best Regards, Robert Ullrich

Jason at 25.10.2017, 10:04

Hi Robert I was looking for a way to display or link dynamic fields to a specific queue. We have a couple of queues (repairs, Product 1 Support, Product 2 Support, etc), and it would be very useful to link Dynamic fields to each queue. regards Jason

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