OTRS 6 Improvement: Improved Ticket Merge functionality

Robert Ullrich23. Oct 2017 | DevelopmentMiscellaneous

The next improvement in my small blog series about “Changes in OTRS 6” is the improved ticket merge screen. Finally, you’ll have the possibility to search for a ticket number or a ticket title in ticket merge and bulk screens.

For example, if you search for two wildcards, OTRS 6 will display all available tickets.

OTRS 6 autocomplete ticket mergeOTRS 6 autocomplete ticket merge 2


In addition to that, an autocomplete list can be used to populate the ticket number field with a single click. This is useful to speed up the ticket merge process and to limit possible errors while merging tickets. There’s also an option to use a search filter option for the CustomerID. This will limit the results to tickets belonging to the same customer company as the source ticket.

OTRS 6 autocomplete ticket merge 3

Did you know? Contributing to OTRS has never been that easy. Just head over to otrs.github.io to find all you need to get started. We’re looking forward to your great ideas!

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