OTRS 6 Feature: Revised “Split” functionality

Robert Ullrich19. Oct 2017 | DevelopmentMiscellaneous

Since OTRS 5 it was only possible to split an article into a new phone ticket. Finally, this change in OTRS 6, because you now have the possibility to decide if an article should be split into a new

  • “Email ticket”
  • “Phone ticket”
  • “Process ticket”

OTRS 6 ticket split dialog 1

If you select “Process ticket” in the selection dialog an additional selection will be available.

OTRS 6 ticket split dialog 2

Select a specific process and the first activity dialog of this process will be shown afterward.

OTRS 6 ticket split dialog 3


Furthermore, did you know? Contributing to OTRS has never been that easy. Just head over to otrs.github.io to find all you need to get started. We’re looking forward to your great ideas!

Jens Bothe at 19.11.2018, 20:45

Actually this is only possible via a loopback webservice

Tim Flad at 30.10.2018, 19:43

nice function but i split a ticket in a other queue but will not informed when my split ticket is close? i can also not do this with a generic agent or a status like wating for split ticket? you have a solution for that?

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