OTRS 6 Feature: Save articles as draft

Robert Ullrich16. Oct 2017 | DevelopmentMiscellaneous

In OTRS 6 we added a new feature to store articles as a draft. This is useful for people who have to interrupt their work (e.g.: coffee break) and want to continue later.

As you can see, there’s now a “Save as new draft” button in all forms, where articles can be added to a ticket. If you click this button, you have to specify a name for the draft.

OTRS 6 save as draft 1

Afterwards all available drafts for a ticket are shown in the TicketZoom.

OTRS 6 save as draft 2

If you want to turn a draft into an article which is stored audit-proof at the ticket, just click on a draft in the TicketZoom and click on “Submit” in the new window. Alternativ you can also update the specific draft or create a new one.

OTRS 6 save as draft 3

Did you know? Contributing to OTRS has never been that easy. Just head over to otrs.github.io to find all you need to get started. We’re looking forward to your great ideas!

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