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Jens Bothe11. Dec 2013 | AdministrationConsultingUse cases

OTRS is used in security departments and companies for long time due to the well documented code and some background in the CERT area.

In one of my recent projects the team wanted to simplify some of their processes additional to the main goals of the implemenation project. We decided to start with the authorization process for taking photos inside their business locations. Until now they had a paper based permission process.

So created a small process within OTRS. Now the customer can request a permission in the customer webinterface or by sending a mail to a special email address.

Process_ticket_-_Ticket_-_OTRSFor starting a process from an email you need to create a postmaster filter which points to the process ID and the activity id of the first activity in this process.

PostMaster_Filters_-_Admin_-_OTRS-2The ticket now shows up the in the Dashboard Calendar

Dashboard_-_OTRSand the agent can go through the authorization

2013121056000115_-_Zoom_-_Ticket_-_OTRS-3New_process_ticket_-_Ticket_-_OTRSThis will trigger an automated email via notification event to the customer

2013121056000124_-_Zoom_-_Ticket_-_OTRSIn the event based notification we can use the OTRS Notification Tags to access the values of the used dynamic fields.

After the photos are taken the user needs to send them to the ticket so an agent can approve or deny the publishing of the photo.

For building this process we need:

  • several dynamic fields as shown below
  • an event based notification on authorized request
  • an event based notification on non authorized request
  • an event based notification on approval or denying the publishing request
  • a process
  • a post master filter as shown on top
  • some ACL rules to make it smooth

Dynamic Fields

Dynamic_Fields_GUI_-_Admin_-_OTRSProcess Config


The export can be found here (remove the .txt if needed): Export_ProcessEntityID_P5.yml


Access_Control_Lists__ACL__-_Admin_-_OTRS Access_Control_Lists__ACL__-_Admin_-_OTRS 2You should also add an ACL to remove closed states on sending replies or forwarding.

Small process designs like this one can really increase the acceptance of your system in simple way. Just start to imagine which processes might fit for you!

Jens Bothe at 20.03.2018, 14:44

Hi, I suggest to visit an admin training or get professional services as this is not a support forum. Please contact

Sophea at 20.03.2018, 10:48

Hello Sir, I am a new experience with OTRS. I have created a workflow (Process management) as the following: 1 - Activity1, Activity2, Activity3, Acitivity4 which all activities are assigned to each its appropriate queues (example: sale , admin, manager, supplier ...). 2 - All workflows are working correctly but each users still able to process to another step. I mean user in Activity1 should not be able access / process to another activities instead of. Regards, Sophea

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