OTRS migration to github is complete

Martin Gruner18. Jul 2013 | Development

Since we moved to github in February, the community response so far has been very good. Today I merged pull request #77! Several nice community contributed features found their way into OTRS 3.3, such as multiple backends support for CustomerCompany.

Last week we moved all the remaining content to github too: the OTRS ITSM packages as well as other public extension packages such as FAQ and Survey. This makes it possible to include community contributions for these modules in a very convenient way via pull requests.

Please see otrs.github.io for details. The CVS server at source.otrs.org is now in readonly mode and will be turned off at some point in the next weeks.

xoomgeorge at 04.02.2016, 12:42

Slack integration would be a big plus for us too :)

Jens at 18.05.2015, 22:26


ashish at 18.05.2015, 06:05

Any current plans for integrating otrs with slack.com?

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