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Martin Gruner26. Feb 2013 | Development


The practical examples presented in our technical blog (blog.otrs.com) and now in the expert category in our FAQ blog section serve as a source of ideas and documentation to show what is theoretically possible with OTRS in concrete scenarios or sometimes even for more exotic configurations. All configurations presented here were developed under laboratory conditions as a proof of concept. 

We can only guarantee testing and implementation of these concepts to be error-free and productive if implemented in a workshop with one of our OTRS consultants. Without this, the responsibility lies with the customer himself. Please note that configurations from older OTRS versions may not work in the newer ones.

Last week, the OTRS source code, documentation and some utility modules have been migrated to git. We have updated the usage instructions on the website and in the
documentation. If you still find places with outdated information, please let us know. We also plan to migrate more modules in future.

All git content is hosted on an internal server that requires a user login. The OpenSource content is automatically published on github. There you can find all necessary instructions on how to checkout the sources, look at files and their history. It is also possible to monitor all che changes that happen via RSS feeds and notification emails. The changes in git will no longer appear on the existing “cvs-log” mailing list.

OTRS commit activity statistics

OTRS commit activity statistics

If you are interested, you can register on github, clone our public modules and send us the changes you make for inclusion in the main repositories via a so-called “Pull Request”. This makes OTRS better visible for developers and makes it easier to contribute to the product. After just a few days we already received 5 pull requests!

OTRS migration to github is complete | OTRS Community Blog at 18.07.2013, 10:04

[...] we moved to github in February, the community response so far has been very good. Today I merged pull request #77! [...]

bieli at 20.04.2013, 22:32

Thanks for completed my idea :-) from this ideascale concept: https://otrsteam.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Move-OTRS-code-repositories-branches-to-GIT/411686-10369

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