OTRS Translations Are Moving

Martin Gruner12.02.2020 | 3 | Miscellaneous

After working with Transifex for several years, OTRS translations have moved to a new application: weblate. It is a free, self-hosted open source application that gives us more possibilities and makes the life of translators even easier. Please find the…

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Modular Process Building in OTRS.

Shawn Beasley18.09.2019 | 2 | Miscellaneous

BPMN 2.0 differentiates between an embedded subprocess and a call activity. From a conceptual point of view, both will initiate a subprocess when process execution arrives at the activity. The difference is that the call activity references a process that…

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Running OTRS on FreeBSD

Florian Edlhuber21.05.2019 | 0 | ConsultingUse cases

FreeBSD is an open source UNIX®-like operating system that runs on several platforms. It is available free-of-charge to companies around the world under the standard BSD license. This means that companies have the option of distributing work that they've created…

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Web Service vs. API

Shawn Beasley07.05.2019 | 15 | Miscellaneous

OTRS, as a glue-ware, offers you the flexibility to maintain service-relevant information anywhere. Retrieval of the information, and providing service request-related data to third parties, is simple. A web service, known as the Generic Interface, has been the answer to…

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