OTRS 6 Feature: Error Handling Module for GenericInterface

Robert Ullrich02. Oct 2017 | DevelopmentMiscellaneous

Another nice improvement for our GenericInterface in OTRS 6 is the introduction of the error handling module for the GenericInterface. This new module allows you to specify what should happen if a web service request to another system fails.

As you can see, the configuration will be quite easy:


OTRS 6 configuration interface

In the requester configuration, you’ll find a new option “Add error handling module”. If you now select (one of) the available option(s), you’ll be redirected to the error handling module configuration.

OTRS 6 error handling configuration


Did you know? Contributing to OTRS has never been that easy. Just head over to otrs.github.io to find all you need to get started. We’re looking forward to receiving your great ideas!


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