New Generic interface Operations for CMDB

Jens Bothe, 04. Nov 2014 | Miscellaneous

With the upcoming OTRS4 the CMDB will get an own Generic Interface connector to create, read, search and update CIs via SOAP or REST.

So first you have to create a new webservice within OTRS for the needed provider operations:

GenericInterface_Web_Service_GUI_-_Admin_-_OTRS__ITSM_4_Beta_5Then you have to create a script which uses the SOAP method to create a new CI:

Running it, it will create a new CI:

DefaultIn the interface there is no difference between a manually created CI and the one created by the webservice

278722000005_-_Zoom_-_Config_Item_-_OTRS__ITSM_4_Beta_5You’ll find the yml file to create the webservice here: GenericConfigItemConnectorSOAP.yml

Pablo at 12.09.2016, 19:12

Do you know some add-on that allow us to view graphically relationship between CI at CMDB ?? Thanks

Jens at 01.06.2016, 20:33

Hi Patrick, this is currently not posible and would require some development

Patrick at 08.03.2016, 21:30

Jens, I was in the training on Sao Paulo - Brazil. I have a doubt, can i link the CMDB objects in the postmaster filter?

Jens at 18.05.2015, 22:26

None planned yet

Peter at 18.05.2015, 08:09

What about Webservices for Change Management?

eliasprobst at 05.11.2014, 20:54

Ah, sorry… my fault. I searched for it in OTRS 4 itself, not OTRS::ITSM :) Thanks a lot for finishing these efforts to bring CMDB support to the GenericInterface!

Jens at 05.11.2014, 11:59

Hi, the webservice will be available in OTRS4 ITSM. It should be in the master yet:

eliasprobst at 05.11.2014, 11:28

Was this merged to 'master' yet? I can't find any references there and would love to give it a try.

Jens at 04.11.2014, 23:46

They should be smaller now. My Browser was scaling them

Nils at 04.11.2014, 23:38

Hi Jens, nice post. Could you please upload smaller images as the current ones are very large and possibly unable to display okay on smaller screens?

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