Agent specific signatures

Nils Leideck05. Sep 2011 | Modifications & Packages

To define signatures with agent specific details like role title or mobile number, an OTRS administrator can just add a few lines of SysConfig to provide a new agent preference that can be filled with values by the particular agent or the administrator.

The easiest way is to setup a new own configuration in Kernel/Config/Files/
For my example I will use the filename MyConfig.xml

The content of this file is simple:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<otrs_config version="1.0" init="Framework">
    <ConfigItem Name="PreferencesGroups###PersonalPhoneNumber" Required="0" Valid="0">
        <Description Translatable="1">Defines the config parameters of this item, to be shown in the preferences view.</Description>
                <Item Key="Module">Kernel::Output::HTML::PreferencesGeneric</Item>
                <Item Key="Column">Other Settings</Item>
                <Item Key="Label" Translatable="1">Example for agent phone number</Item>
                <Item Key="Key" Translatable="1">Example for agent phone number</Item>
                <Item Key="Block">Input</Item>
                <Item Key="Data">$Env{"UserPhoneNumber"}</Item>
                <Item Key="PrefKey">UserPhoneNumber</Item>
                <Item Key="Prio">7000</Item>
                <Item Key="Active">1</Item>

Rebuilding the SysConfig (just open the SysConfig using the admin area) generates a new SysConfig entry in Framework -> Frontend::Agent::Preferences calles PersonalPhoneNumber.

This field needs to be activated and adds a new preference item to the agent preferences page.
The value will be stored in the table user_preferences and is available in signatures with the common OTRS tags like .

Cheers, Nils

Mahdieh at 09.07.2019, 11:09

OTRS 6.x - It may be helpful for someone (Add agent specific Job Title) - create a .xml file to the following Path: /opt/otrs/Kernel/Config/Files/XML/AgentPrefsODNfield.xml - fill it with following entries up: Job Title of an agent Frontend::Agent::View::Preferences Kernel::Output::HTML::Preferences::Generic Miscellaneous UserJobTitle Job title of an agent. UserJobTitle Input [% Env("UserJobTitle") %] UserJobTitle 9004 1 - Rebuild the Configuration: su -c "/opt/otrs/bin/ Maint::Config::Rebuild" -s /bin/bash otrs

Diego at 08.01.2019, 17:29

This Work for me under OTRS6.x (to install in ~otrs/Kernel/Config/Files/XML/zzz_AgentExtraAttributes.xml) Defines the config parameters of this item, to be shown in the preferences view. Frontend::Agent::View::Preferences Kernel::Output::HTML::Preferences::Generic UserProfile Example for agent phone number Example for agent phone number Input $Env{"UserPhoneNumber"} UserPhoneNumber 7000 1

Robert Ullrich at 19.07.2018, 08:46

Hi Snowman, because of code changes etc. etc. this will not work in OTRS6. Cheers Robert

Snowman at 10.07.2018, 12:26

Anyone know if this works also in OTRS6 ? I can't get it working. Thanks

Timo at 01.06.2016, 20:10

Hi, for anyone who is interested. This line has to be corrected since OTRS 5: Kernel::Output::HTML::PreferencesGeneric The correct value needs to be Kernel::Output::HTML::Preferences::Generic This is due to the fact that the kernel module folder structure has changed a little

Adam at 31.08.2015, 13:03

In the Agent setup/configuration screen there is a Title field. It is only visible to admin. How do I add this field as I did with dynamic ones to the user/agent preferences screen so Agents can edit this field on their own? Kind regards

Mario at 20.01.2015, 11:45

Thanks a lot. You don't forget to put the user and group authoritations in order ( PUT SIMILARS) with the others in the path.

Jens at 17.06.2014, 21:28

The Tag depends on the one you used in the config

Klaus at 02.06.2014, 18:11

Hi, you tell me what is the tag?

marco at 12.09.2011, 15:38

Thank you Nils !

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