SOAP Example: “Hot Potatoe Reporting” – Part 1

Jens Bothe26. May 2010 | Best PracticesDevelopment

The script will return the number of used queues per ticket. The number of moves is this number less 1.

You need to activate the SOAP Interface via SysConfig first!

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# SOAP Config
use SOAP::Lite( 'autodispatch', proxy => 'http://otrsserver/otrs/' );
my $SOAP_User = 'otrs';
my $SOAP_Pass = 'test';
# getting TicketID
use Getopt::Std;
my %opts;
getopts( 'i:', \%opts );
if ( !$opts{i} ) {
    print STDERR "ERROR: Need -i TicketID\n";
    exit 1;
# SOAP script
my $RPC = Core->new();
my @QueueList = $RPC->Dispatch( $SOAP_User, $SOAP_Pass, 'TicketObject', 'MoveQueueList',
        TicketID => $opts{i},
        Type     => 'Name',
my $TicketNumber = $RPC->Dispatch( $SOAP_User, $SOAP_Pass, 'TicketObject', 'TicketNumberLookup',
        TicketID => $opts{i},
$QL = scalar @QueueList;
print "NOTICE: Ticket#$TicketNumber ($opts{i}) - number of moves is $QL\n";
exit 0;

Running it  will look like this:

jb$ ./ -i 4
NOTICE: Ticket#2010010610000011 (4) - number of moves is 8

Fabi at 25.10.2018, 20:00

Please, I'm newbee at otrs soap/rest connections. Can you help me? I tried run the script, but occurs the error: syntax error near unexpected token `(' `use SOAP::Lite( 'autodispatch', proxy => 'http://ip_address/otrs/' );' Thank you very very much! Regards, Fabi

Jens Bothe at 27.05.2010, 08:35

Thanks for yor feedback, I fixed it

Rotten at 27.05.2010, 00:34

I think the various '=&gt' should be '=>'

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