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Shawn Beasley25. May 2010 | Miscellaneous


The practical examples presented in our technical blog (blog.otrs.com) and now in the expert category in our FAQ blog section serve as a source of ideas and documentation to show what is theoretically possible with OTRS in concrete scenarios or sometimes even for more exotic configurations. All configurations presented here were developed under laboratory conditions as a proof of concept. 

We can only guarantee testing and implementation of these concepts to be error-free and productive if implemented in a workshop with one of our OTRS consultants. Without this, the responsibility lies with the customer himself. Please note that configurations from older OTRS versions may not work in the newer ones.

Dear Readers,

We would like to welcome you to the OTRS blog. otrs.org has prided itself on providing a free open-source software for the management of all thinkable types of service requests. Our software is now in 37 languages (some being derivatives like UK and US English). Our software is world-renown, and we are gaining speed every day. We want to make absolutely sure that our community of users are informed and up-to-date on every move, thought, hope and dream of our core team. These dreams and experiences will be kept in a running log here in the OTRS Blog.

We hope that you enjoy reading the entries by our team of authors out of the community. Please comment heavily, criticize, and praise our writers. A strong community feedback will help keep us honest (as if we were not already :)), actual, and active. Our authors are writing, as in other community blogs, in their free-tme and appreciate your views on the topics discussed.

Thanks for making OTRS such a wonderful success, and enjoy the reading.


Shawn Beasley

OTRS Community Manager

Shawn Beasley at 26.05.2010, 13:26

Thanks for your devotion! We will be looking forward to your reading and commenting!

hoberion at 26.05.2010, 11:11

ah, perfect, hopefully some great tips and insights to otrs and its future! ill be reading each post :)

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